After my last post, about a month ago, so much has happened again. I have been super busy and haven't had much time for the blog. In addition, after having a little break this spring and early summer, I've discovered a side of myself that doesn't wanna share so much online anymore. I've been writing this blog for what feels like forever. I've never really shared too many details but right now, even that feels like too much.

So, after thinking this over a hundred times, I have decided to leave the blogging-world. At least, the writing. I'll still be following all my favourite blogs out there, but won't be posting anything new. I've also started deleting some of my older posts and will eventually (probably) make this whole blog vanish.

I don't know how else to explain these feelings or my decision, but that sometimes there comes a time when you need a new start. Not just a new chapter, but a whole new book. I feel incredibly good and relieved about my decision.

I am most grateful for all you loyal readers, who have stuck with me for so many years. This has been one crazy ride. I have enjoyed sharing my projects and passion for crafts with you guys. This blog has been so important to me and it means a lot that so many of you have stayed on since the very beginning. Thanks a million!

Thank you and goodbye! 

Anni, XX